AVS Video Editor allows you to change the playback speed of your video.

You might want to use this feature to correct too fast scenes by slowing them down. Such an effect allows to show some action in detail, or draw your audience attention to a certain episode making it more dramatic. It's also possible to create an interesting voice effect by adjusting the playback speed. A slow speed makes the voice sound more deep and ominous.

Once you import your video and place it to the Timeline, you can follow the steps of this guide to easily produce the slow-mo effect.

Step 1: Choose the video clip or its part you want to slow down

If you want to slow down your entire video record, just select the video on the timeline by left-clicking it and proceed to the next step.

To slow down a certain episode of your video, move the slider along the Timeline to find the beginning of the scene, then click the Split button. Move the slider to the end of the necessary scene and click the Split button once again.

Select this fragment by left-clicking it:

Step 2: Adjust the Slow Motion effect properties

When the necessary video on the timeline is selected, click the button on the timeline toolbar above. In a new window that opens adjust the speed of your video.

The Speed field shows the current speed value that is set to 1x by default and corresponds to the normal speed. Click the button and adjust the speed value by dragging the slider.

To slow down your video, drag the slider to the left. The values from 0.9x to 0.05x decrease the playback speed.

If your video file includes an audio track, the audio playback speed can also be changed according to the video stream speed or it can be switched off.

The Stretch option is selected by default in the Audio drop-down menu. It allows to adjust the audio track speed in accordance with the speed of your video. Choose the Mute option to switch off the accompanying audio playback.

You can preview the video clip using the player buttons to see if the speed adjustments you've made suit your needs.

If you are satisfied with your slow motion video, click the OK button to accept the changes and close the Speed window.

Step 3: Replace the audio track, if necessary

The video file with the applied Slow Motion effect is marked by this sign in the Timeline/Storyboard Area. The icon means that the sound is switched off.

If you decide to mute the original audio track, you can add another one instead of the original sound. Drag the necessary audio track from the Media Library to the Audio Mix line of the timeline.

There is also a possibility to keep the original soundtrack at a normal speed: right-click the source video in the Media Library and select the Add to Audio Mix option from the menu to add the original video sound to the Audio Mix line of the timeline.

In this case, you will need to adjust the audio track duration so that it corresponds to your video duration, as the duration of your slow motion video is now enlarged. Drag the right audio track boundary to the right to increase its duration.

Note: to learn more on how to adjust a soundtrack, apply audio effects or mix several audio tracks using AVS Video Editor, you can refer to our Online Help.

Preview the video to make sure that you got the necessary result. Now you can save your resulting video to one of the popular formats.

That's all. You've just created a professional video effect by yourself in a few mouse clicks.